The Five Rings of Multipliers is an original philosophy and program by Chris Cayer to identify, design, engage, and produce superior outcomes consistently for any aspect of life; for personal relationships, self-development, careers, businesses, organizations, or even national governments as a whole.

The principles of The Five Rings of Multipliers simply put are that there are 5 key things that multiply your chances of either success or failure in anything and everything you do.

The 5 key influencers of success or failure are ‘Resources, Environment, Leverage, Conditional Modifiers, and Synergy (RELiCS)’

If you do not master how to identify the factors that are influencing you in each of these categories, your results will be considerably less agreeable and successful than you want, and sometimes even less successful than you need. They could even be disastrous, honestly.

The Five Rings of Multipliers has been an active philosophy of Chris Cayer’s for almost 30 years now and has been used successfully by company leaders from Fortune 50’s to Fortune 5 million companies. In 2022, Chris reshaped, redesigned, and re-envisioned the entire 5 Rings concepts and discovered and included tons of advanced concepts, new insights, and new training opportunities to raise the game again.

The Five Rings of Multipliers: Hidden Forces is a game-changing breakthrough in not only understanding the world around us, it’s a feat of ingenuity that advances our understanding and our ability to excel far more easily than ever before at achieving anything you truly desire.

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