2023 Event Calendar

Chris Cayer is a Firehose Speaker, meaning he is there to deliver maximum value every time he speaks, and it’s your job to get as much value out of your time with him as possible. He’s not there to stand on stage for an hour looking pretty and leaving you with three or four nuggets you can take away. He’s there to rapid-fire deliver actionable content built over decades of experience so you don’t have to learn it the hard way, and that’s a value you can’t get a few nuggets at a time.

If you want nuggets with your speech or presentation, then go to McDonald’s, not one of Chris Cayer’s presentations. When you come to one of his presentations, programs or courses you need to be ready to go deep, go fast, and go hard into topics that you need to put directly to work the very first day you can, and everyone in your organization needs to take a side step, let you do your thing and then join in too to maximize the outcomes of you putting into practice what you just learned at full speed.

Not everyone learns best this way, and that’s not only ok, that’s a good thing. Chris has training programs specifically for different learning styles, but none of them are designed to provide you with a few nuggets and some dipping sauce to make them taste a little different. They all are designed to get you ready to make big progress and big changes. These aren’t appetizers, these are the full 7 course meals, so you better show up hungry for some deep dish training, education, and insights.

Check out his 2023 Event Calendar here to see where he will be speaking and when his programs are scheduled to run.