The German Federal Intelligence Services now have a new school for training spies and intelligence officers who can handle the myriad threats that Germany and its allies now face in the modern world. With military and economic threats from Russia, technical and economic threats from China and Iran, and numerous other global players from radicalized terrorists to organized crime syndicates, Germany with its robust economy is an ever-present target in Europe and as a NATO ally enjoys a unique position in the world both militarily and economically.

To protect that position is no easy task and so the German government established a brand new multi-billion dollar training and management facility in Berlin called ZNAF. Training intelligence operatives, analysts, agents, specialists, and counterintelligence specialists takes years of work, development, technology training, and more, and now the ZNAF spy school gives the Germans the tools they need to build and replace the security infrastructure they need to as they meet the demands of their world.

Similarly, The Ring Master offers training and development programs for your organization so you can manage your own threats and grow your own advantages.

Obviously our training is not designed for criminal or espionage purposes, however legitimate competitive intelligence activities are not only of critical value, they’re also critically important for protecting you, your organization, and your employees from unique modern and traditional threats including minimizing risks of K&R, ransomware attacks, supply chain interruptions, pathogen transmission threats, embezzling, corporate espionage, etc, while also providing you with access to opportunities you wouldn’t ordinarily uncover on your own that can make or break your organization and your goals in ways you would never imagine possible.

We partner with training schools and specialists around the world to make sure you have global access to the kinds of training programs your team needs to be best prepared to grow your advantages and mitigate your risks with your own in-house analysts, agents, technical specialists, physical security, and counterintelligence agents as needed, all from the best available sources around the world.

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