The Farm at Langley is perhaps the most famous headquarters of CIA agents and agents in training in the world. Farm graduates can be trained in almost anything from high-risk driving to technology to cooking and etiquette in virtually any language in the world.

Training deployments can be for a few weeks to master a specific skill to months or even years at a time depending on what the purpose of training those skills would be, whether the graduate would be using them for short or long term goals.

The Ring Master is designing an Applied Competitive Intelligence School much like the Farm but focused on developing Analysts, CI Technologists, Specialists, Physical Security, Agents, and Counterintelligence Agents that can work on a framework designed specifically by The Ring Master Program to work in any conditions to provide consistently advanced and optimized outcomes in the roles they’re prepared for for organizations and businesses around the world.

While the school itself is still in development, the training programs are largely available on an ad hoc basis as a consulting project for critical organizational needs planning groups to assign to key staff.