A Strange New Journey

Chris Cayer started a new podcast in 2022 and it started off quite successfully, then Chris’ health declined and the podcast was stalled for a few months. Now in 2023 the podcast is returning for a new season and will have a lot more episodes delivered to start the new year off right.

New episodes will start dropping Monday, January 9th, and will actually often start popping up several times a day as more and more new content drops.

A Strange New Journey will also be the new blog here on ChrisCayer.com with articles, news, and special features all coming starting next week to match the release of the new podcasts. Look for interview opportunities, book releases, course and event announcements, and more as A Strange New journey takes flight again this time with full support from a new team at BrandItFor.US, a Reyactive LLC subsidiary.

Chris will still talk about business, self-improvement, applied philosophy, and of course his ongoing efforts to change his and his family’s health trajectories.