The French Directorate-General de Securité External (DGSE) is housed out of a facility they call the CAT. The DGSE is responsible for all of France’s External Security (or foreign espionage) services. Like the concept of ‘external security’, a lot of organizations have a number of external threats that they have to monitor and address, so The Ring Master is building competitive intelligence businesses that become core external partners to our clients to provide them with active intelligence, external operations and projects, and prognosticative planning to help you mitigate or transform your threats into your future successes.

Our CAT is focused more on building small, effective organizations that produce intelligence, analysis, planning, and operations that are external to your organization as opposed to simply external to any particular nation or country. These organizations become your partners as they work with a handful of client partners just like you to maintain their standing as outside/outsourced partners, instead of internal employees.

This keeps them out of your internal corporate or organizational politics and bureaucracy and allows them to function as an adaptable and flexible unit, working with your teams, but not on your teams.

Our CAT then is our group that builds, trains, and runs the company that becomes your external partner. To us then our CAT acronym stands for Competitive Advantage Team and our Competitive Advantage Team matches your organizational needs to similarly aligned organizations whose needs match or overlap with yours, across uniquely different industries so your partner team can focus on providing focused excellence that you can rely on to hold back the threats and attract the advantages you really need.

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